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Criminal Defense

There is no more serious moment than when you or a loved one are being investigated for and/or charged with a crime.  When this happens, whether it's a first time Misdemeanor or a serious Felony, it is essential that you have your rights protected and your interests represented.  If you find yourself in this situation, we're ready to have your back in the fight to come!

Michael Trent began his career fully devoted to the practice of criminal defense, and has continued to largely focus on this most important of areas since the launch of The Trent Law Practice.  This literally adds up to thousands of criminal cases handled, ranging from negotiated dismissals prior to trial, plea agreements, bench and jury trials, as well as appeals to the Virginia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia.  If you call at 434-471-4339 and schedule a free consultation today we can start to put this experience to work for you!