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Dealing with divorce for many people is the most trying experience of their life, but it doesn't have to be.  While every situation is different, often this process can be handled fairly, smoothly, and with relative little stress and pain.  

At The Trent Law Practice, we focus on providing un-contested divorces, with a focus on protecting our clients interests and rights in a way that allows both parties to agreeably in their marriage.  This is because in our experience it is rarely in anyone's best interests to have a contentious divorce.  At our initial consultation we will review many factors, including:

  • How long you and your estranged spouse must live separate and apart to qualify for a no-fault divorce in Virginia
  • Whether fault divorce may apply, depending on your circumstances
  • What property both of you may own, whether together or individually, and how it might factor into the Divorce
  • How you would like the property to be divided
  • If you have children together, how you would like custody, visitation, and child support to sort out, as well as the different factors and considerations the Court looks at when the parties can't agree. 
  • The advantages of a Property Settlement Agreement that can handle all the issues involving property as well as custody, visitation, and support  
  • The timeline to getting your final Divorce Decree

It is incredibly important that you have the right counsel to walk with you thought this process, and to assist you through these life changing decisions.  An initial consultation is the first step to navigating Divorce successfully, not only to give yourself some piece of mind ,but so you can map out a game plan for the time ahead.  Give us a call today at 434-471-4339 to set up an appointment. There is a $100 consultation fee for family law issues, including Divorce. 

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